la boîte

la boîte is mainly a working space and a studio, but also offers the possibility to exhibit current works of photographers. The aim is to present the medium of photography to the public and to create a platform to share and exchange ideas.

Members of la boîte :

Oliver vaccaro, photographer - Oliver is working in the field of documentary photography, cinema and portrait. His exhibition Selected Works from Thailand and Cuba opened la boîte in 2012.

Franca Drewes - originally working as an assistant director for movies. she is organizing the exhibitions for la boîte.


Photographers or visual artists whose work is related to photography can summit a project for an exhibition. To find out, please contact la boîte by email:

Opening Hours - Tue / Fri 2-6pm, Sat 3-9pm Sun 3-7pm

Oliver Vaccaro - Berlin Out 23.10.-09.11.2014

„Berlin Out“ is essentially presenting portraits of people met outside of clubs, in the morning when the sun rises.They are in a state of transition. What echoes from the night? Are they euphoric, tired, happy or sad, drunk, on drugs? The portraits are telling something about the collective experience inside of the nightlife by depicting the indivual. The graphic part of the work is offering an additional level of interpretation: the drawings, which have been calked from the original photographic material, are concentrating the viewer on the pose, the attitude, the gesture.

Enric Duch - Guest House

The photographer Enric Duch has been exploring the living conditions of animals for over a year in three german zoos. His particular eye for the architecual sourrounding is visualizing a contradictonary relationship of humans and animals inside of the artifical structure of spaces: The zoo is filled with ideal ideas of the nature and the cultural fragments of different places of the world. The photo-serial „Guest House“ is presenting a heterotopic zoo-situation: The animals are sourrounded by architectonic elements of collective Ideas of their vanished biosphere, they are functioning as living metaphors for the desire for a lost paradise.

Marc Benjamin Drewes - by-products 22.11.-13.12.2013

Architects are working with tools that represent aspects of an architecture that is not existing yet.
The plan, the model or the rendering are created with consious accuracy to transmit an observation or an idea.
By-products are being developed through the process to architecture.
Often the project is not going further than the by-product.
Sometimes this was intended from the beginning.
This exhibition is presenting the by-products of selected projects by the architect Marc Benjamin Drewes, it shows the possiblity to materialize thinking through them.

Christian Schulz - fotografie 06/09/13 - 27/09/13

In his exhibition the Berlin Photographer Christian Schulz is showing early works from the years 1980s/90s. The black and white photographs are showing personalities and situations from daily life as well as from public events. Each photo is telling its own story, but at the same time the exhibited photos are representing the authentic «Zeitgeist» of the 80s and early 90s.

Lisa Drewes - Heimat

In the exhibition «Heimat» (Homeland) Lisa Drewes is showing landscapes and portraits. In those works she is reflecting on the nature, aging and transformation. By connecting the images of lower rhine area landscapes of her childhood with the sensitive portraits of a grandmother she creates an intimate and mysterious tension.

Oliver Vaccaro - Selected Works

Thailand - Known as the county of smile, paradise islands is a popular destination for western tourists. this work wants to take another perspective, it wishes to get closer to the inhabitants of thailand, their personal environment, their way of living, their habits and rituals. When I met Mr. Kong, from the yellow leafs ribe, it was almost the end of my trip in Thailand. while taking a picture of him he looked at me, pointing his fingers to his eyes as if he was saying to me «I see You».



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